Transgender Male to Female Hormone Therapy

Transgender Male to Female Hormone Therapy I have to start off by saying that I am NOT A DOCTOR and have no specific medical training.  This article is about my personal hormone regiment during gender transition. You can use this as a guideline for what transition might be about, but … Continue reading

Transition Journal – Keep A Journal to Remember Your Transition

Keeping a transition journal or a diary while you transition fills quite a number of needs. First it provides a way for you to look back and see how you’ve progressed.  Secondly, its so therapeutic.  And if nothing else it helps you practice writing like a girl. Why I Started … Continue reading

The “Ick Factor” for MTFs – Let Others Transition with You and Keep Your Family & Friends

For so many of us, we have spent our lives hiding who we are. As children we grow up wanting to do the things that other little girls our age are doing. But either through our parents constant reminders, or our own self inhibitions, we know we must behave like … Continue reading

The Big “O” – Do Transwomen have Orgasms?

There are probably two main questions for any transwoman heading into Gender Reassignment Surgery. The first is, “Is this going to hurt?”. The second is, “Will I be able to function as a woman after surgery?” And along with the latter question most importantly is, “Will I be able to … Continue reading

Electrolysis for the Male to Female Transsexual

Electrolysis for the Male to Female Transsexual Nothing says man in a dress more than facial hair.  Everything else can be perfect, but if you have a beard shadow its hard to maintain that level of femininity that we all work so hard to achieve. For me, I’m quite fair … Continue reading

Nature versus Nurture – The Story of David Reimer and Dr. John Money

For as long as there have been gays and transgenders there has been a never ending  discussion of  whether being gay or transgender is normal.  And, if it isn’t normal did those of us that are LGBTQ become broken, simply because we were born this way?  Or, was it something … Continue reading

Choosing Your New Female Name for Transwomen

There are seemingly thousands of decisions to make once you’ve started into gender transition. One of the most important choices transwomen is giving yourself a new female name that reflects your new identity.  MTF’s choosing a new female name, or  FTM’s choosing a new male name is an important decision … Continue reading